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Client Testimonials & Reviews

Client Testimonial & Reviews From Google, Avvo, and Yelp


Google 5 Star Review – J.L.

Good Attorney he know the attorney talk and could get things done. 

Avvo 5 Star Review – Anonymous

Attorney King made me feel at ease, as I was very nervous regarding my legal issue. He was direct, professional, fair, and offered helpful advice. I’m truly thankful to God for his wisdom, knowledge and support! As I obtained favorable results!

Yelp 5 Star Review – M.T.

I was caught on Lidar traveling 83 mph in a 55 mph zone in Lowell, but against all odds, I won my appeal in traffic court, all thanks to Mr. King.

I called various law practices in search for the right lawyer. Some other lawyers I called made brief mention of how tricky my case would be, but then repeatedly emphasized their high overall success rate in traffic court instead of discussing my specific case, and I got the feeling I was speaking to a salesperson rather than someone who would have my best interests in mind.

Instead, on our initial phone call, Mr. King listened carefully to the details of the case. I knew I could trust him when, instead of trying to push me into paying for his services, he candidly discussed how he would be able to help and the different reasons why the case would be quite difficult to win, with or without his help.

Mr. King had me meet with him in person so we could discuss in greater detail my side of the story and what he would be able to do to help. He was as honest as possible in helping me understand what the cost of his services were, and what the benefits of his representation would be, so that I could then decide if it would be worth it. He was clear that I didn’t have much of a legal argument at my disposal, and the best I could hope for was the clerk’s sympathy and leniency given my otherwise clean driving record. Given that he teaches several courses at UMass Lowell Law School and that Lowell is his home court, Mr. King was also able to explain in detail the inner workings of the Lowell district traffic court and his track record with similar cases. All this information and advice was shared before the signing of any contracts or checks, which further convinced me that Mr. King truly had my best interests in mind and was not just trying to sell his services no matter what.

I was deeply impressed by Mr. King’s honesty, professionalism, expertise, and clear communication, so I decided to go ahead and enlist his help. I couldn’t be happier that I did, and I think the outcome of the case speaks for itself!

Google Review 5 Stars – M.H.

Attorney King has represented me twice in two very different matters and each time he worked with me he was understanding, consistent and essentially successful on my behalf. He was never in a rush and took the time to hear all of the details of each of my cases, while remaining compassionate and kind throughout the entire stressful process. Attorney King is empathetic as well as he is professional and detailed. He was quick to highlight the most important facts of any situation and, he did not fold under significant pressure. Attorney King fought on my behalf and with my best interests in mind at all times at a reasonable and fair cost; I could not give him more praise and have recommended him several times to my own close family and friends.

Avvo 5 Star Review – anonymous

Attorney King has represented me on multiple matters, some very serious, and each time successfully. He is exceptionally professional, honest and well-versed in the law. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.

Google Review 5 Stars – Y. G.

Very professional, confident and knows what exactly to do with my case! Definitely recommend.

Google Review 5 Stars – L.B.

WORTH THE MONEY! I hired Paul King for a motor vehicle infraction and I am very impressed with his legal representation. He was professional, sincere, and did all the talking for me. He convinced the hearing officer and the magistrate that I was a safe and responsible driver. I was found not responsible and I would hire him again in the future!!

Google Review 5 Stars – S.H.

Paul has helped me a couple of times with some pretty important (to me and my family) issues. Hiring him to represent me was the best investment I have ever made. Thank you, Paul.

Avvo Review 5 Stars – anonymous

Do not be fooled by Attorney King’s pleasant demeanor. Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge of the law and careful attention to my criminal case, we got the best possible outcome and now I have my life back!

Avvo Review 5 Stars – anonymous

I was terrified when I was arrested for the first (and last) time, a couple of years ago. (It was a driving-related infracture). Paul King was a professional and matter-of-fact as a lawyer; but also there at any time to answer any questions and concerns throughout the process. My calls were never ignored or left unanswered. He was a true confidante, and thanks to him, I received a fair deal for my first (and last) ever incident. He was tough and honest, but also made me feel that I was not alone.

Professional Practioner

Avvo Review 5 Stars – A.O.

I have used Attorney King personally and well as referred several of my clients to him. Without exception, Attorney King has under-promised and over-delivered on his work. That is to say, he tells his clients the truth of their cases, the real liklihood of success or failure and then proceeds to meet or exceed those expectations with a passion and professional expertise I have rarely seen.

Avvo Review 5 Stars – P.

Paul won my case with ease

I contacted Paul because I received a ticket for driving on a suspended license, and was facing criminal charges, and potential loss of license as a result. Several incidents, the RMV assigning me two drivers license numbers on the same account, and numerous misunderstandings later, the walls I was continuously running into trying to clear it up, came down. I called Paul, provided the information he asked for, and when the day of court came, I showed up ready to make my case. When my name was called, and I approached the bench, the DA said, “The state moves to dismiss.” The judge replied, “dismissed; license reinstated”, and I was done. I never said a word. Paul handled it all behind the scenes. The best part was how reasonable his bill was. He handles things quickly, and bills fairly. I expected to pay more than twice what I did. I hope my run-ins with the law (and RMV) are over for good, but if I ever do get in trouble again, I’m calling Paul King.

Google Review 5 Stars – D.M.

I have used the services of Paul King on 2 occasions and i have found his advice to be knowledgeable and accurate. He is a relentless advocate. A-plus rating. I would recommend him to any friend or acquaintance.