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Andover Injury Lawyer, Criminal Defense & OUI Attorney

Andover Injury Lawyer, Criminal Defense & Drunk Driving/OUI Attorney

As an injury, criminal defense, and OUI lawyer serving Andover residents and those in the surrounding communities, my practice is focused on providing dedicated, affordable legal services.

About My Practice

  • When you hire my firm, you hire me. I personally provide all legal services – your matter won’t be delegated to a paralegal or junior attorney.
  • I make sure I’m available when clients need me to answer questions. If I’m in court when you call, I’ll return your call as soon as possible.  I know that you likely will have questions about your matter – I will be there to answer your questions.
  • I maintain a low-volume practice. I believe that it’s important to have sufficient time to work tenaciously (and personally) on each client’s case in seeking to obtain the best outcome possible.

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I serve clients in the following areas:

Choosing the Best Andover Lawyer for Your Case

In seeking the best Andover lawyer for your legal matter, I suggest considering the following:

  • Does the lawyer you are considering have significant experience in the area in which you are seeking representation? As a lawyer for more than 15 years, I have substantial court experience involving all of the areas in which I practice, including personal injury, car accidents and crashes, criminal defense, reckless driving, speeding, other traffic matters, and divorce. 
  • Will the lawyer you are hiring be the same person who will be handling most of the work involved in your case? Many lawyers and law firms rely upon junior lawyers, paralegals, and staff to handle most of the work associated with a legal matter.  In these firms, office staff may spend more time on a case than the lawyer.  Further, clients may find that the primary lawyer on their case is not the lawyer they thought that they were hiring, but instead another junior lawyer in the office.  
  • What is the atmosphere at the lawyer’s office? Do you feel like the firm is committed to giving you and your matter the proper attention and commitment that you deserve?

For more information about aspects to consider when choosing a lawyer, please see Choosing the Best Lawyer for Your Case.

I Am Proud to Serve the Andover Community

As a part of Essex County, Andover is among the oldest communities in the United States, having been settled in 1642 by John Woodbridge and others, and subsequently incorporated in 1646.

Andover has enjoyed a rich history, and often was at the forefront of Massachusetts and US history.  In the 17th century, the town was often a prime location for important Massachusetts matters concerning the growth of not only Massachusetts, but also our nation.  As Andover grew in size and population, it was divided into two parishes, although the town itself remained as one.  Later a third parish was created.

Andover residents have proudly served in the Revolutionary War, with approximately 350 residents fighting in the battle of Bunker Hill.  Many residents were also active in the anti-slavery movement, including famed author Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Andover Today

As of the latest census, the population of Andover is approximately 32,000.  Andover remains widely known for being the home of Phillips Academy, whose alumni includes two US Presidents, three Nobel Prize recipients, six Medal of Honor recipients, and many members of Congress.

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I represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death matters on a contingent fee basis (no fee unless you recover damages).  In criminal defense matters, I represent clients on a fixed-fee basis.

More Information About My Andover Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Practice

What Our Clients Are Saying About Paul King

Do not be fooled by Attorney King’s pleasant demeanor. Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge of the law and careful attention to my criminal case, we got the best possible outcome and now I have my life back!

Avvo Review 5 Stars: Anonymous