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Dog Bites

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In the United States, over 46% of homes own one or more dogs. While most dogs are friendly, some, however, are not.  Often the dogs who cause the most serious bites are well-known by neighbors to have vicious propensities.  When they get loose, they often will attack the nearest defenseless stranger, which often happens to be a child or an elderly person.

Massachusetts Dog Bite Law

Massachusetts takes protecting the public from such incidents very seriously. According to the General Laws Chapter 140 § 155 pet owners are liable for the harm that their animals cause to others.

Children who are under 7 when bitten are assumed to be innocent under the laws of the Commonwealth and are entitled to damages. In all other cases, unless foul play on the part of the victim can be shown, owners are generally strictly liable for the damages their pets cause and must compensate those who are injured.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

Common dog bite injuries include:

  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent Loss of Use

Some bites can be so bad as to require medical attention or even surgery.

What Actions Should You Take if You or a Family Member is Bitten?

There are a number of actions you should take if you have been bitten. First, find out who owns the dog. You can find out who owns the dog by either watching the dog to learn which property it returns to, or you can contact the police who will likely have their animal control division or a patrol officer find out this information for you.

Second, you should take pictures of the area that was bitten. Initially, pictures should be taken on almost a daily basis. As the bite heals, pictures should be taken on weekly basis to track the progress of healing.  In making your case, it will be important to have proof of the scarring and healing.

Third, hire an attorney! Attorney Paul M. King of the Law Office of Paul M. King, P.C. has handled many dog bite cases with great success throughout Massachusetts including Essex and Middlesex County. If you or someone you love has been bitten by a dog, be sure to seek the compensation you deserve. At the Law Office of Paul M. King, P.C., Attorney King will not only make sure that your medical bills are taken care of but also the pain and suffering such a traumatic event may have caused you and your family. Call (978) 851-5145 or contact us online today. The initial consult is free and there is no charge unless a settlement is received on your behalf.

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