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Car & Vehicle Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer Serving Lowell, Tewksbury, Andover, and Surrounding Communities

A significant portion of my injury practice involves representing drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, and pedestrians injured in vehicle accidents.  Since 2002 I have successfully represented numerous clients injured in car and vehicle crashes, and those who have been hurt when struck by a car, motorcycle, bus, or truck.

If you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, you should know that insurance companies for the responsible drivers don’t want you to hire an attorney. They are counting on you to take their wholly-inadequate offers, which (they want you to believe), is the best they can do.

You have rights if you’ve been injured.  You are entitled to full and fair compensation – not one penny less.  It is my job to help you in seeking such compensation.

We work to hold other drivers fully accountable for the injuries and damages they cause.  If a fair settlement is not forthcoming, we will not hesitate to take the cases of our clients to trial and let a jury decide liability and damages.

In addition to holding others drivers accountable, in some instances an accident victim is entitled to collect for damages and injuries from their own insurance company.  If you carry such insurance, we will put your insurance carrier on notice and file the appropriate claims.

I would invite you to call me at (978) 851-5145 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and learn how I can help you.

There is no fee for the firm unless you receive compensation.  In the interim, I would invite you to see the information below, as well as the other information on our website about personal injury law and compensation.

Information About Vehicle Accidents in the US

According to a recent Arbitron study, people spend an average of fifteen hours in a car or other vehicle each week. Two-thirds of this time is spent during weekdays, often when traffic is at its peak during rush hours.  As a result of the time spent in a car, the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle accident increases. According to a recent report published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were recently over five and one half million motor vehicle crashes in one year. These accidents can happen in a variety of ways involving different types of vehicles.

According to this  report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in one year there were approximately two million nine hundred thousand motor vehicles involved in accidents that involved injuries. Of these motor vehicles, approximately one million seven hundred thousand involved passenger cars, approximately one million one hundred thousand involved trucks, eighty four thousand involved motorcycles and eighteen thousand involved buses. These statistics are not complete as they do not include vehicles unidentified in hit and run accidents.

Types of Injuries from Car Accidents and Other Vehicle Accidents

Given the different types of vehicles involved, the impact and amount of damage differs on every case. Common injuries from car accidents include injuries to one’s head (including closed brain injuries), back, neck, shoulders, spinal cord, arms, hands, legs and knees. Among the injuries that can occur to these body parts include fractures, nerve injuries, sprain/strain.

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Client Review

WORTH THE MONEY! I hired Paul King for a motor vehicle infraction and I am very impressed with his legal representation. He was professional, sincere, and did all the talking for me. He convinced the hearing officer and the magistrate that I was a safe and responsible driver. I was found not responsible and I would hire him again in the future!!

Google Review 5 Stars – L.B.