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Lowell Injury, OUI & Traffic Ticket Attorney


Lowell Injury Lawyer & OUI, Ticket, Criminal Defense Attorney

If you been injured, charged with an OUI (Operating Under the Influence / DUI / Drunk Driving) or another crime, or if you are going through a divorce, I can help.  For more than 20 years, I have provided affordable and tenacious representation to clients in Lowell, Tewksbury, Andover, Billerica, Burlington, Chelmsford, Woburn, Middlesex and Essex County, and the neighboring communities.

My practice is focused primarily in the following areas:

  • Personal injury representation, including representation for car crashes,
  • Criminal defense representation, including representation for Drunk Driving/ OUI/DUI charges, and
  • Traffic Charges, including speeding tickets and reckless driving.


I accept personal injury cases, including car and other crashes, slips and falls, and dog bites, on a contingent fee basis. This means that there is no fee unless compensation is recovered for you.  In other cases, such as those involving criminal defense and divorce, I typically offer fixed fee representation.

I Provide Zealous Advocacy & Seek Maximum Compensation in Lowell Personal Injury Cases

As a Lowell personal injury lawyer with over two decades of legal experience, I understand the difficulties that injury victims face. When someone is injured due to the negligence of another, the consequences can be devastating. Medical bills, lost wages, and physical and emotional pain can all add up quickly. That’s why I tenaciously represent injury victims, seeking justice and maximum compensation for their losses.

I handle almost all types of personal injury matters, including but not limited to:

Regardless of the type of injury matter, I am committed to providing compassionate and experienced representation to help clients through difficult times. My goal is to help clients obtain the compensation they need to move forward with their lives and recover from their injuries.

When you choose me as your Lowell injury lawyer, you can rest assured that I will fight tirelessly on your behalf. I understand that insurance companies often try to minimize or deny claims, and I won’t back down in the face of their tactics. I have the experience and resources necessary to investigate accidents, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf.

What Types of Damages Are Recoverable In Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawsuits?

One of the key aspects of my representation is seeking maximum compensation for injury clients. This includes compensation for economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. I work with experts in a variety of fields to help determine the full extent of my clients’ damages and to build a case that supports their claim for compensation.

If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of another, don’t wait to get the help you need from a Lowell personal injury lawyer. Call me  today to schedule a consultation. I offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t pay anything unless I successfully recover compensation for you.

During our consultation, I will listen carefully to the details of your case and provide an honest assessment of your legal options. If you have a viable claim, I will begin working immediately to build a strong case on your behalf.

When you work with me as your Lowell injury lawyer, you can expect personalized attention and exceptional representation. I understand that every case is unique, and I will work closely with you to develop a legal strategy that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. I will keep you informed every step of the way and will be available to answer any questions you have throughout the process.

My Lowell OUI and Drunk Driving Practice

In addition to representing injured clients, I also represent those charged with a crime, including OUI. As an experienced Lowell OUI lawyer and criminal defense attorney, I understand the importance of seeking dismissals, reduced charges and not guilty verdicts for clients. With over two decades of legal experience, I have established a reputation for having an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights and interests of my clients.

I know that the stakes are high in criminal cases, and, as an experienced Lowell criminal defense lawyer, I am dedicated to providing individuals with the aggressive and strategic representation they need to defend their rights and protect their freedom. Whether it is negotiating plea deals or challenging evidence in court, I am committed to obtaining the most favorable outcomes possible.

Seeking to Obtain Your Objectives – Schedule A Free Consultation With Experienced Lowell Injury Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney Paul King.

My goal in all matters of representation is to seek to obtain a client’s goals and objectives in an expeditious manner. At the outset of any matter, a first task is to understand a client’s goals and objectives, explain the options available, and develop with a client a strategy for proceeding.

I offer a free consultation so that I can learn about the nature of your matter, and explain how I can help, at no cost to you. I invite you to call me at (978) 851-5145 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

What Clients Are Saying About Paul King

“I was caught on Lidar traveling 83 mph in a 55 mph zone in Lowell, but against all odds, I won my appeal in traffic court, all thanks to Mr. King.

I called various law practices in search for the right lawyer. Some other lawyers I called made brief mention of how tricky my case would be, but then repeatedly emphasized their high overall success rate in traffic court instead of discussing my specific case, and I got the feeling I was speaking to a salesperson rather than someone who would have my best interests in mind.

Instead, on our initial phone call, Mr. King listened carefully to the details of the case. I knew I could trust him when, instead of trying to push me into paying for his services, he candidly discussed how he would be able to help and the different reasons why the case would be quite difficult to win, with or without his help.

Mr. King had me meet with him in person so we could discuss in greater detail my side of the story and what he would be able to do to help. He was as honest as possible in helping me understand what the cost of his services were, and what the benefits of his representation would be, so that I could then decide if it would be worth it. He was clear that I didn’t have much of a legal argument at my disposal, and the best I could hope for was the clerk’s sympathy and leniency given my otherwise clean driving record. Given that he teaches several courses at UMass Lowell Law School and that Lowell is his home court, Mr. King was also able to explain in detail the inner workings of the Lowell district traffic court and his track record with similar cases. All this information and advice was shared before the signing of any contracts or checks, which further convinced me that Mr. King truly had my best interests in mind and was not just trying to sell his services no matter what.

I was deeply impressed by Mr. King’s honesty, professionalism, expertise, and clear communication, so I decided to go ahead and enlist his help. I couldn’t be happier that I did, and I think the outcome of the case speaks for itself!”

Google Review 5 Stars – M.T.