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Drunk Driving / OUI Charges


Representing Clients in Tewksbury, Lowell, Woburn, Burlington, Middlesex County, and Throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine

Getting charged with Drunk Driving (Operating Under the Influence (OUI)) can be stressful.  You may be facing the suspension of your driving privileges, considerable fines, and, potentially, incarceration.

As a drunk driving lawyer for OUI charges, I know what is at stake.

If you have been charged with OUI, it’s important to get experienced, tenacious representation NOW – before your rights are prejudiced. You need an OUI lawyer on your side willing to challenge the prosecution. I invite you to call me. I offer a free consultation so that you can learn about your options, and most criminal defense cases are handled on a fixed-fee basis.

As an OUI attorney with over two decades of legal experience, I provide aggressive representation for each and every client in seeking to obtain the best outcome possible.  I will vigorously oppose the prosecution and challenge every aspect of their case.  In the interim, below is an overview of some of the most common traffic offenses in Massachusetts for which I provide representation.

What are the Penalties for OUI / Drunk Driving in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, an OUI conviction carries the following possible penalties:

  • Suspension of your driver’s license;
  • Jail time;
  • RMV fines;
  • Mandatory driver improvement course (which includes a large fee to take the course); and/or
  • Points on a driver’s license, which can result in more expensive auto insurance.

I Vigorously Challenge Every Aspect of the Prosecution’s Evidence in OUI Cases

As a highly experienced OUI lawyer, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to defending my clients. When handling an OUI case, I will thoroughly scrutinize the evidence and will determine whether the traffic stop was conducted in compliance with the law, if the breathalyzer test was properly administered, and whether the field sobriety test was conducted appropriately. I can also pay close attention to the statements and observations made by the police officers and will examine the presence of any witnesses to the traffic stop or the surrounding events.

What You Should Know if You’ve Been Charged with OUI

You should know that:

  • It usually doesn’t cost any more to hire an experienced OUI lawyer at the outset of your case than it does to wait until later.
  • Don’t say anything on social media about your arrest. Assume that the prosecutors will be looking at all of your social media accounts to see if you are making any postings that might be interpreted as a confession.
  • Don’t discuss the details of your arrest with family or friends, particularly those who may have been involved in the incident leading to your arrest. You have the right to remain silent – please use it.

Parents – What You Need to Know if Your Son or Daughter has been Charged with OUI

We all make mistakes.  My role is not to judge in cases involving drunk driving or any other criminal charge.  Instead, my focus is solely on seeking the best outcome possible.

I will explain the possible penalties for drunk driving, which vary depending upon whether it is the first charge and the claimed intoxication limit.  As a tenacious OUI lawyer, you can be assured that I will be vigorous in defending your child.

How Can An Experienced OUI Lawyer Help?

An OUI charge is a serious offense.  They can have long-term ramifications, including negatively impacting a person’s ability to get a job.  In the short-term, such charges can impact a person’s ability to drive.

As an experienced Massachusetts drunk driving attorney, I am tenacious in seeking to protect the rights of clients.   I will question prosecutors and their theories of the case, seek to exclude all evidence that is not legally admissible, and fight hard on behalf of my clients for the best outcome given the facts and circumstances of their case.

You – the client – control all decisions having to do with your case.  This includes whether to accept a plea bargain (if one is forthcoming), or to take your case to trial.

As a dedicated drunk driving lawyer, I will be zealous in seeking the best outcome possible for you.

Please call me today for a FREE CONSULTATION and learn how I can begin helping you!

I would invite you to call me at (978) 851-5145 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

What Clients Are Saying About Paul King

“I was caught on Lidar traveling 83 mph in a 55 mph zone in Lowell, but against all odds, I won my appeal in traffic court, all thanks to Mr. King.

I called various law practices in search for the right lawyer. Some other lawyers I called made brief mention of how tricky my case would be, but then repeatedly emphasized their high overall success rate in traffic court instead of discussing my specific case, and I got the feeling I was speaking to a salesperson rather than someone who would have my best interests in mind.

Instead, on our initial phone call, Mr. King listened carefully to the details of the case. I knew I could trust him when, instead of trying to push me into paying for his services, he candidly discussed how he would be able to help and the different reasons why the case would be quite difficult to win, with or without his help.

Mr. King had me meet with him in person so we could discuss in greater detail my side of the story and what he would be able to do to help. He was as honest as possible in helping me understand what the cost of his services were, and what the benefits of his representation would be, so that I could then decide if it would be worth it. He was clear that I didn’t have much of a legal argument at my disposal, and the best I could hope for was the clerk’s sympathy and leniency given my otherwise clean driving record. Given that he teaches several courses at UMass Lowell Law School and that Lowell is his home court, Mr. King was also able to explain in detail the inner workings of the Lowell district traffic court and his track record with similar cases. All this information and advice was shared before the signing of any contracts or checks, which further convinced me that Mr. King truly had my best interests in mind and was not just trying to sell his services no matter what.

I was deeply impressed by Mr. King’s honesty, professionalism, expertise, and clear communication, so I decided to go ahead and enlist his help. I couldn’t be happier that I did, and I think the outcome of the case speaks for itself!”

Google Review 5 Stars – M.T.