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Massachusetts Requirements for Report Submission for Vehicle Crashes if You are Involved in a Car, Truck, or Other Accident

If you’re involved in a vehicle crash in Lowell in which someone is injured or where damages from the crash exceed $1,000 to vehicles or property, under law you are required to submit an accident report to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (or the MA RMV) within five days following the accident.  The form that must be submitted is called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report, which can be found here.

In addition to submitting this form, you must also submit a copy of the accident form to the Lowell police department and additionally submit such form to your insurance company.

If you were injured in the crash and believe that you were not at fault, I can help you in submitting this form, as well as providing legal representation in seeking fair compensation against those responsible. For more information, please call me to schedule a free consultation.