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Where are Lowell Vehicle Accident Cases Heard?

The Massachusetts court system contains more than 100 courthouses that serve the Commonwealth.[1]  Within this system, there are courts that serve as trial courts, appellate courts and the Supreme Judicial Court, which is the Commonwealth’s highest court.

Within the trial court system, some courts are designated to hear only certain types of cases, such as those involving juveniles.  Additionally, various cities and towns also have other courts, such as District Courts, which have jurisdiction for various matters such as small claims, traffic tickets, miscellaneous criminal matters, and civil matters with a value up to twenty-five thousand dollars. These are only a small sample of state courts present throughout the state.

In addition to the courts for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there are also federal courts that have jurisdiction over federal matters, as well as litigation involving some types of cases between Massachusetts and non-Massachusetts litigants (including companies.

As a result, the court system can be confusing.

Vehicle crashes occurring in Lowell are typically held in the Middlesex County Superior Court. This courthouse is located at 360 Gorham Street, Lowell, Massachusetts and 200 Trade Center, Woburn, Massachusetts. When you file your case, the court will determine to which of the two locations your case will be assigned.

These court has jurisdiction over matters in the following Massachusetts towns:

  • Lowell
  • Billerica
  • Chelmsford
  • Dracut
  • Tewksbury
  • Tyngsboro
  • Wilmington
  • Woburn