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Andover Personal Injury Lawyer


Injuries and wrongful death can happen suddenly and without any warning.  The results – pain and suffering, hospital bills, long-term injury, work impairment, and the loss of a loved one can be horrific, and can even last a lifetime.

If you’ve been injured as the result of the negligence or reckless actions of someone else, or if a family member has been killed as the result of such negligence or actions, you (and your family) deserve an experienced, tenacious personal injury lawyer willing to work tirelessly in seeking for you the full measure of compensation to which you deserve.

How I Represent Clients in Injury and Wrongful Death Matters

I employ a different approach than the approach that I believe is often used by other injury lawyers.

I start at the outset by presuming that a case is going to trial.  The approach used by many other attorneys is (I believe) very different – often, to call the lawyers for insurance companies to see if a settlement can be quickly reached before investing significant time in a matter.

By assuming that a case will not settle, and proceeding to do the meticulous work in building and developing a case at the outset, a strong signal is sent to the opposing counsel that I and my client are serious about seeking full value for all damages.  We are not going to simply accept the first “low-ball” settlement offer made by an insurance company.  Instead, as a tenacious Andover personal injury lawyer, I will be proceeding to identify all those who may be legally liable, determine why they are legally at fault, take depositions of those who may be involved (such as the “at-fault” driver), talk to witnesses, and gather other types of evidence that may be helpful in proving a case.

The Mediation – How I Position Cases for Full Value

In Massachusetts, mediations in personal injury cases are strongly encouraged and sometimes mandated by the Court.  In a mediation, both sides and their attorneys will come before a mediator in an attempt to resolve a legal matter.  The sole role of the mediator is to try to get the parties to reach an acceptable resolution.  The mediator is a neutral, meaning that they do not favor either side, and they also do not have any authority to make a decision about a case.

By undertaking this painstaking work to prove liability and damages prior to the mediation, I make clear to defendants and their legal counsel both why the defendants are legally liable for causing injury or wrongful death, as well as the full amount of damages that have been sustained.  The defendants can then either pay a full and fair settlement, or they can take their chances and go to trial and risk an even higher verdict from a jury.  As an experienced Andover personal injury trial lawyer, I will not hesitate to take an injury or wrongful death case to trial.

Andover Wrongful Death Cases

Tragically, car and truck accidents and other injuries often result in death.  Unfortunately, there is no way to bring back a loved one, or to undo the void created by their loss.  The only thing that can be done is to obtain some sense of justice and measure of compensation for the families that are left. If you have lost a loved one, it will be important to find the best Andover wrongful death lawyer for your family.

In a wrongful death case in which the family member killed was a breadwinner for others in the family, it is particularly critical to fully analyze the compensation that is due.  Such compensation typically includes medical, property, and burial expenses, loss of consortium by a spouse and minor children, and the lost wages that the family member would have otherwise earned for their family.

Lost wages often will require financial experts.  Such wages will take into consideration the person’s current job, how much they are currently making, how much additional compensation that they likely would receive as a result of raises and promotions, and the total amount that they likely would have earned up until a normal retirement age.

In a wrongful death case, there will only be one opportunity for a family to fully recover for their damages and for the lost income that would have been provided by their loved one.  As a result, it is critical to determine the full compensation that is due, and to demand such amount in settlement negotiations and at trial.

The Types of Injury and Wrongful Death Matters for Which I Provide Representation

As an Andover injury lawyer with over two decades of legal practice, I provide dedicated and tenacious representation to those injured through the negligence of others, and to the families who have lost a loved one, in matters including:

Why it is Important to Get Started Soon with Your Case – the Statute of Limitations

Each state has what is known as the “statute of limitations.”  For personal injury and wrongful death matters filed under Massachusetts law, the statute of limitations starts upon the occurrence of the incident resulting in the injury or death.  An injury or wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within the applicable statute of limitations; otherwise, an injured person or family will lose their right to seek compensation.  The statute of limitations is based on the type of case you have and the person or entity that caused your injury.  I can advise as to when the statute of limitations will expire upon meeting you and investigating your case.

It’s also Important to know that there are often very short filing deadlines if a case is to be brought against a city, state, or the federal government.  For these reasons, it is best to contact an attorney as soon as possible so that the opportunity to bring a lawsuit is not lost.

Additionally, it is also important to get started with the investigation of a case (such as a car crash or pedestrian accident matter), as soon as possible before changes to the crash scene occur.  A prompt accident scene investigation can be critical in proving fault.

How I Help Andover Families and Injury Victims

If you or a family member has been injured, or if your family has lost a loved one, you are likely seeking the best Andover personal injury attorney. At the Law Office of Paul M. King, P.C., I provide the tenacious and experience representation required in seeking full compensation.  As part of seeking to prove liability and recover full damages, I will typically:

  • Retain accident reconstruction experts to conduct crash scene investigations
  • Interview witnesses
  • Depose the defendants and other parties
  • Depose expert witnesses provided by the defense
  • Work with physicians and rehabilitation experts to understand the extent of injuries, the prognosis for recovery, work limitations, and future medical treatment that may be required
  • Calculate with financial experts when needed the full value of lost wages
  • Work with bill collectors and insurance companies to advise as to the status of litigation efforts to seek compensation
  • Demand coverage from an injured driver’s insurance company for immediate payment of amounts that may be due if there is applicable coverage (such as uninsured/underinsured liability coverage)
  • Make a comprehensive claim for the full amount of pain and suffering endured by an injury victim or the victim’s family
  • Document the value of damaged or destroyed vehicles or other property
  • Compile medical bills and other costs and expenses that are recoverable.

Depending upon the nature of the case, there may be other actions required, and other types of damages that may be recoverable (the foregoing list includes common matters in an injury or wrongful death case; not all of these matters may be applicable to your case).

Call for a Free Consultation With An Experienced Andover Injury Lawyer and Learn Your Options for Seeking Compensation

I represent clients in injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis.  This means that I will only be entitled to a fee if compensation is recovered, and my fee will be a percentage of such compensation.

I normally advance all costs of litigation, such as court costs, expert fees and costs, and deposition costs.  With the advance of such costs, you will not need to be concerned about paying for these matters as your case progresses (such costs are normally paid from settlement or verdict proceeds).  Costs and fees are fully described in our retention letter agreement.

I invite you to call me to learn how I can my firm can help you and your family.

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What Clients Are Saying About Paul King

“I have used Attorney King personally and well as referred several of my clients to him. Without exception, Attorney King has under-promised and over-delivered on his work. That is to say, he tells his clients the truth of their cases, the real likelihood of success or failure and then proceeds to meet or exceed those expectations with a passion and professional expertise I have rarely seen.”

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