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Wilmington Car Accident Lawyer

Wilmington Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, truck crash, or other vehicle collision, it will be important to contact an experienced crash attorney soon after the collision.  Not only are there important deadlines that must be met to preserve the right to make a claim and seek compensation, in an accident in which significant injuries or even death occurred, it will be critical to investigate that crash scene as soon as possible.

I serve Wilmington residents and their families, as well as those who have been hurt or injured through negligence and recklessness in the surrounding communities and towns.

Learn About the Options for Your Car Accident Case and the Opportunities to Seek Compensation

If you or a family member has been injured in a car crash, there may be multiple parties at fault in addition to the other driver.  Those at fault can include:

  • Drivers in addition to the primary driver who hit you. In some cases, a driver will crash into another vehicle in an effort to avoid a collision with another out-of-control car.  If this happened to you, the out-of-control driver may be at fault, even though such other driver did not hit you.
  • Companies that employ the drivers causing the crash. Many crashes are caused by delivery drivers and those who are driving for a company at the time of the crash.  If the other driver was working at the time that the crash occurred, the other driver’s employer may be liable.
  • Governmental entities. In addition to other companies, drivers may also be working for a city, state, or the federal government at the time the crash occurred.  As an example, a United States Postal Service employ may cause a crash while delivering the mail.  In these types of cases, there are special laws that apply to determining whether the government can be held liable, and very specific filing and other requirements that do not ordinarily apply to crash cases.  If you were hit by a vehicle driven by an on-duty government employee, you should especially contact me as soon as possible, as there are often shorter time frames in which a case must be filed.
  • Construction Companies. All of us are familiar with driving through construction zones.  Usually, cones, barricades and other traffic control devices are used to show lane diversions.  At night, blinking lights are often used to illuminate construction zones.  Crashes, however, can result when such lighting is not working properly, or when the construction zone itself is confusing.
  • Municipalities when road designs are defective, when traffic control devices are not working properly, or when vegetation or other matters block signage. Municipalities can also be held legally liable when traffic control devices are not working property.  Additionally, road designs may also be found to be defective because the roadway itself is highly dangerous, or because it does not conform to design standards.  Vegetation can sometimes obscure traffic lights or stop signs, which further can be a contributing cause for an accident.

Others may also be at fault.

My role as a car crash lawyer serving Wilmington is to identify all those who may be responsible for crashes so that they can be held fully accountable for their role in contributing to the crash.  This is the only way that an injury victim can recover full compensation and damages.

Call Me for a Free Consultation and Learn About the Options Available for Your Case

There is no fee unless a recovery is made, and my firm typically advances all costs of litigation (these costs are then subtracted from settlements or jury verdicts).

  • I offer tenacious, dedicated representation in seeking full compensation for every penny owed from those causing harm, injury, and sometimes death.
  • I accept injury cases with the intent of going to trial, not in accepting quick settlements. Seeking maximum compensation in cases involving severe injury and wrongful death requires meticulous work.  Through advancing a case in the discovery process, often through depositions, serving interrogatories, and retaining experts, my objective is to build a strong case around proving fault and compensation.
  • I will be with you at every step of your case. You will not need to be concerned that once you hire a lawyer, you will be delegated to junior lawyers or paralegals to work on your case, and find yourself not working the lawyer you hired.

I look forward to discussing your case with you at your convenience.

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