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Car Accident Representation

Car Accident Representation and Common Causes of Accidents

From our Tewksbury, Massachusetts office, I  provide tenacious  injury representation to clients injured in car and vehicle crashes and in a wide variety of other circumstances.  I also represent spouses and family members who have claims arising from such crashes and circumstances, including cases involving wrongful death.  I am dedicated to thorough investigations to determine all of those people who bear liability (often, more than just another driver will be at fault), and to pursuing claims against all of those who are responsible to the full extent of their liability.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Car accidents are common on the busy roads of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They are the leading cause of injury and death in the United States. Recognizing their frequency, state law requires motorists to carry auto insurance protecting against liability in case of a crash. Traffic collisions are seldom intended, but nevertheless happen because of negligence or recklessness. Negligent operation of a vehicle is responsible for the majority of traffic accidents, making the road a dangerous place.

Negligent driving covers a spectrum of conduct from “potentially harmful” to reckless disregard of human life. Motorists owe a legal duty of care to others who share the road. This requires treating the safe operation of a motor vehicle like a serious undertaking, not an afterthought. Drivers who neglect this duty endanger others and are liable for any crashes caused by their negligence. Negligent driving may involve:

Massachusetts and New Hampshire law protects victims injured by negligence. At-fault parties and their insurers are liable for any property damage, bodily injury, or wrongful death arising out of the crash. They must compensate injured victims and surviving family members for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other expenses incurred as a result of their conduct or negligence.

Car Accidents Caused by Dangerous Road or Other Conditions

When a dangerous condition on property causes an accident, owners, contractors, construction workers, and municipalities may face a claim for premises liability. Parties in control of streets and highways have a duty to protect motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and others using the road from unreasonable harm.

Dangerous roadway conditions can include:

  • Improperly working traffic signals, or non-existing traffic controls
  • Failure to provide proper night lighting and visible signage in construction zones
  • Failure to clear foliage and other growth that blocks line of sight at intersections or to signage
  • Broken street lights
  • Unpaved roads
  • Improper signs
  • Lack of detours
  • Merging of lanes
  • Construction zones
  • Failure to clean spills

When an accident occurs, I will want to carefully investigate the accident scene, as in some cases there may be others liable for an accident in addition to the other driver.

Car Accidents Caused by Defective Products

Motor vehicle defects result in millions of accidents and recalls each year. Car manufacturers are liable for any injury or death caused by a defect. A vehicle can be flawed in its construction,  or design. Use of defective parts or mistakes in their assembly also give rise to product liability.

Car accidents caused by product defects often involve:

  • Fuel leaks
  • Brake pad failure
  • The failure of seatbelts, air bags, and other restraints
  • Engine failure
  • Battery explosions
  • Rollover protection
  • Electrical malfunction

Manufacturers who fail to correct flaws or warn of product risks are liable for resulting injuries or death. Car dealerships and regional distributors must also compensate victims for any harm caused by defective packaging, breach of warranty, and fraudulent or misleading marketing.

How I Can Help

If you were injured in a car accident caused by another party’s negligence, please contact me for a free consultation and assessment of your case.  My goal is to achieve full and fair compensation from all those responsible for client injuries and damages. There is no obligation, and because I and my firm represent clients on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe any fee unless you receive compensation.

Because it’s critical to undertake a comprehensive investigation of an accident scene as soon as possible before conditions are changed, it will be in your best interests to retain experience injury counsel as soon as possible.

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WORTH THE MONEY! I hired Paul King for a motor vehicle infraction and I am very impressed with his legal representation. He was professional, sincere, and did all the talking for me. He convinced the hearing officer and the magistrate that I was a safe and responsible driver. I was found not responsible and I would hire him again in the future!!

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