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Personal Injury

Lowell Personal Injury Lawyer

Serving Clients Throughout Massachusetts, Including Middlesex County, Essex County, Hillsborough County and Rockingham County, as well as New Hampshire and Maine

No one asks to be injured. We get into our cars, go to work, go to school, or do errands each day without intending to get hurt. Unfortunately, car accidents and other injuries occur on a daily basis due to the careless, intentional, or reckless actions of others.

As an injury lawyer since 2002, I have been assisting those hurt by the carelessness and recklessness of others. My injury practice is centered on providing tenacious representation and seeking full and fair compensation for clients for all of their injuries and damages, as well as families who have suffered as the result of the serious injuries or wrongful deaths of their loved ones.

Locations I Serve

With an office in Tewksbury, I am conveniently located for clients in Lowell, Burlington, Woburn, Wilmington, and Andover and the surrounding towns and communities. I provide a free, no-obligation consultation so that if you or a family member has been injured, you can meet with me to find out how I can help you.  Because there is no fee unless you recover, you do not need to be concerned about paying legal fees out of pocket.

I would invite you to call me, and in the interim, please look at the information presented below.

The Types of Injuries  Handled by My Office

I represent clients in:

Receiving injuries due to the carelessness of others has a huge impact on one’s day to day life. There are a many different areas of personal injury law where an individual can pursue another for damages either through negotiation of a claim or a lawsuit.

Negligence can occur:

  1. When injuries are caused when an individual drives a motor vehicle carelessly, resulting in an accident and injuries.
  2. When a person’s negligence causes you to slip and fall in a parking lot, stairs, etc. at a commercial facility, at an apartment, or at a home and you sustain injuries.
  3. When a person negligently or carelessly fails to properly remove snow and ice from walkways, and an injury or death results.
  4. At a workplace, such as construction accidents, or workplace violence.
  5. Through the medical malpractice of medical professions.

The above are examples of events or accidents that can result in injury or death which injuries and can be legally pursued.

Preserving Your Rights to Full Compensation

After being injured due to the negligence of others it’s important to preserve your rights in order to pursue full compensation for your injuries. Among the steps that should be taken are contacting the police, seeking medical treatment (if necessary), keeping detailed notes about the event while it is fresh in your memory, and contacting an attorney.

Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company for the Driver that Hurt You

If you want to achieve full compensation, the best move is to retain an attorney as soon as possible, so that you don’t inadvertently take actions that may harm your case.

Insurance companies for negligent drivers tend to call the victims in order to get a recorded statement that can later be used against the victim.  You don’t have to give a statement.  Instead, tell the company that you do not consent to a recording, and that you intend to seek legal representation.  Then call me.

I help clients in pursuing full compensation.  Insurance companies for responsible drivers will usually never offer to pay full compensation in cases of serious injuries.  Instead, they will delay, claim that the injured driver is at fault, claim that others are at fault, or claim that the injuries and damages (including pain and suffering) are much less than actually is the case.  They know from their experience, and in seeking to drag out cases, that without a lawyer an injured person will rarely take a case to trial, and even in these very rare situations, an injured person will usually not be familiar with the legal ways in which injuries and damages must be proven.

Having an attorney on your side shows that you are serious.  Defendants and insurance companies can either pay a fair settlement based upon your injuries and damages, or we will take them to court and let a jury determine fault and damages.  They also know if they go to court, they will have to additionally pay their attorneys for trial preparation and trial time.

You Will Not Owe Me for My Time Unless You Recover Compensation

I accept cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there is no fee unless you receive compensation through a settlement or jury verdict.

More Information About My Injury & Accident Practice


I would invite you to call me at (978) 851-5145 or fill out the contact form below to schedule a meeting at your convenience.

What Clients Are Saying About Paul King

“I have used Attorney King personally and well as referred several of my clients to him. Without exception, Attorney King has under-promised and over-delivered on his work. That is to say, he tells his clients the truth of their cases, the real likelihood of success or failure and then proceeds to meet or exceed those expectations with a passion and professional expertise I have rarely seen.”

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